(Notes for) Story of an absence


The story of an impossible personal project in search of Samia Yusuf Omar story.

Beijing 2008, Olympic Games. A very young and extremely thin Somali athlete reaches the finish line last, she touches the whole world. Later in an interview she would express her desire to receive the applause for herself, for her sport performance, and not for what could be understood as pity.

London 2012, Olympic Games. The games with “more female presence in history”. Samia begun months ago a tortuous journey from Somalia to Libya, to cross the Mediterranean to Italy, to be trained there. She would not arrive, she would die in a boat, ran out of fuel, with the Italian coast at view.

My project was to follow the journey of Samia, reconstructing her story and her trip through Africa. Until now I have not had the chance to do it, just I have presented the project several times.