Le paradis الجنـة - Paradise, 17’, 2017
(Language: FR/AR, subtitles ENG)

The video was created during my stay in Tunisia and explores the dichotomy between the West and the East, and how this is present in the illegal migration as a metaphor: Hopes and dreams poured, the later encounter of a hostile reality; the difference between the migrant and the tourist; the paradise dreamed, the freedom sought faced with failure. For this, it has based itself on several testimonies of young clandestine migrants of the Tunisian coast, in el Haouaria, hardly a few hours of Italy.

Watch with Spanish subtitles*

À midi, 4’ 28’’, 2015
(Language: FR, subtitles ESP)  

A tribute to the stories of Cortázar through a parallel homage to
Chris Marker: Fictionalizing life, inventing a time travel in order to disappear.

8 days in Armenia, 14’ 45’’, 2014 
(Language: ESP, subtitles ENG)

A video documentary  about a brief time spent in the country of apricots.